Boutique of Molly's 'Nadia' Dress Review


Hello everyone!

Welcome to today's post featuring the lovely Boutique of Molly's 'Nadia' Floral High Neck Bodycon Dress!

(and welcome to my first fashion post!)
I think I wrote a fashion-based post a few years back, however I would like to bring more fashion to my blog aswell as beauty and lifestyle as this is something I enjoy shopping for and talking about! After being asked to write a review on one of their clothing items from their site, I could hardly resist.

Today's post features a summery bodycon dress by Boutique of Molly which is perfect for this season. 

Due to the dress's detailed patterning I would pair this with a bold coloured jacket and nude platforms.

Seeing as the pattern itself consists of many different shades, there is more than one option for what acessories (colour jacket/shoes/bag) you can pair with this.

Boutique of Molly sell a Sabrina powder blue tailored jacket which I think would go lovely with this.

Although the dress retails at quite a high price of £29.95 the quality is outstanding and you can tell the item will last a long time.

The dress suggests a summer theme however you could try and wear the item in any other season. I believe that with the help from accessories, an outfit can be worn for all different kind of occasions or seasons.
For example if you were to try and get away with wearing this in the autumn, a waterfall burgundy jacket comes to mind with a black bag/clutch.

Why not?

The dress has multiple colours that almost any colour accessory can be worn with it!

I think this dress would be suitable for a posh event such as a wedding/dinner.. you could even pair it with a denim jacket for a bbq/garden party along with nude sandals.

Although the dress itself may seem as though there's too much going on, the type of jacket can persuade the look into different possibilities.

The dress itself has a small gap showing a minute part of the chest (gives you some room to breathe!)

The back of the dress is not much different from the front.. except it doesn't have a small gap!

Although it does have two little buttons at the top which I assume the dress would be quite difficult to get in and out of without!

I wore this dress with a bold pink lip and a light pink eye look as I felt this helped draw attention to the summery colours in the dress.
However, I definitely think this dress is suitable for during the day events such as bbqs/summer parties/weddings etc and with the use of accessories, can be worn for different occasions.

I really enjoyed preparing for this post as it helped me to come out of my shell a little more as this is something I wouldn't normally do!
It's helped me feel confident and carefree and I learned that my favourite pictures from these were the ones when I appear more relaxed, happy and carefree!

Thanks for reading,
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  1. This dress looks so stunning on you, I adore the high neck! I wish I could find more halter neck dresses like this, especially with the cute floral design; so pretty! :D xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara | (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! I know it's so cute and versatile, it may be expensive but I love it and it was definitely worth the price! <3

      I'd love it if we could follow each other on bloglovin the link to mine is in the blog post, I'll follow you now! :)


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