Recent Haul: Topshop, Mac, H&M, Primark, Benefit!


Hello my lovelies!
Today I've got a shopping haul for you including accessories and beauty from all the shops I've listed above!

Sometimes it's nice to treat yourself and maybe even splurge a tad because how can one carry on being Beyonce if we don't do this every so often? We simply need everything on sale as looking good is our number one priority! (I swear it's the shopper's curse...)

So.. without further ado, here is my step by step on how to break the bank in a couple of weeks!


From Topshop I bought the first thing I picked up were these sunglasses!

When I purchased all of these items I was super excited to use all of them as they all extremely cool and different!
The sunglasses were a tad out of my comfort zone but I have to say, this was the reason for me buying them.. I would really like to change the way I dress slightly (don't worry I'm not dyeing my hair pink nothing crazy like that!!!) but you know when you kinda get bored with wearing the same things and looking just like everyone else? Well I would like to be different by wearing quirky, out-there stuff that causes people to look at me instead of blending in with the rest! The sunnies were also by a brand called Quay (sold in Topshop) and they weren't cheap so I also wanted to make the most of my money! Why would I buy an expensive pair of plain black sunnies if I could just purchase a cheaper pair say from Primark? So these were definitely, 100% worth the money and that may just be me!
(let's carry on before I ramble)

Onto the lashes, I thought these would be pretty for date night or cocktails with the girls. The reason being, when Chris and I go on a date night or I have drinks with the girls, I always feel like putting a pair of falsies on. However the ones I wear on nights out are way too OTT for that and I therefore have the fear of looking too fake and overdone.
These however, look super subtle and flattering I can imagine a purple smokey eye and pink lipstick would work beautifully with these! I'm tempted to wear them on a date night without Chris knowing and see if he notices... (I'll let you know how I get on)

The final item I bought in Topshop was this pretty blusher brush as I've been looking for something to apply my powder highlighter recently. At first I looked into buying a fan brush and planned on heading to Supedrug after visiting Topshop. However I could not resist this super cute brush as it's totally different from my other makeup brushes I had to get it! I needed it! (I had been cursed)

The Topshop ramble is finally over... onto Mac where it's not so long! *phew*


(selfies whilst wearing the lipstick, not just random ones...)

The only item I purchased from Mac is this stunning lipstick in the shade 'Milan Mode'.
I have been looking for a colour like this from Mac ever since I lost a similar one and I needed another to heal the heartbreak!
This lipstick has been perfect recently for an everyday wear however I am curious to if I applied a lip liner before-hand, whether this would make it slightly bolder and wearable for the evening?


The only thing I purchased from H&M is this stunning skirt displaying different shades of green on a black background.
I thought this would be stunning for the autumn - winter time with thick tights, a black/green roll-neck jumper and either ankle/knee-high boots! (Whether it all works together is another story)


The first thing I picked up was this pink Gilet style jacket aswell as a tortoise shell coloured cat who loves being in photos!

The jacket itself falls perfectly, although you can't do it up the poppers which are there just for show. I thought this would be perfect for the summer time and easily transitioned to be worn in the colder months over a thick roll-neck jumper!
For the summertime this can be easily thrown on over any outfit as I feel it's worn more for style rather than warmth which is perfect as we have enough warmth as it is!
In the pictures I'm wearing it with a lace bodysuit from Pretty Little Thing underneath baby blue jeans from Miss Selfridge. I feel these colours all work perfectly together as they're all pastel and you've also got the minimal detail as seen in the lace bodysuit for a bit of oomph.

The Gilet also looks more expensive than it actually is and this is mainly due to the fit and the way it falls.
The fabric itself also doesn't feel cheap and as though you're only going to have a couple of wears out of it.
The pockets are perfect aswell as I don't see the point in pockets that don't have a zip. Obviously sometimes this is okay as their purpose will serve as something to relax your hands in. However if you want to hold something in a non-zip pocket, I always fear it's going to fall out — especially if it's my phone!

Another stunning, hidden gem from Primark is this lilac coloured bodysuit which I've found are the best things to wear recently!

Due to the simplicity of this bodysuit I feel as though I can pair this with detailed jeans/trousers and I'm good to go as I have done in the picture below!

When I saw this in Primark I saw it as something with unlimited ways I can wear it.
The other day I paired it with a baby blue pair of high waisted shorts, a statement belt and I felt good to go!
Once again I love how it looks more expensive than it actually is due to not only the soft material and quality of the fabric, but the extra layer attached to the top of the bodysuit adding a quirky look to the style.

The third and final item I recently bought from Primark is this grey belt with a stud pattern.
I bought this due to the fact that I was looking for a fashion statement belt to wear with shorts and a plain camisole top/bodysuit to add something quirky to my look.
My boyfriend Chris helped me find this one (he's better at shopping than I am!) and I loved it instantly!


Both of these items came with different magazines, the Hoola one came with an Elle mag and the other I can't remember.

However as soon as I saw they came with magazines I saw it as a chance to try them out!

I've given the 'Dew The Hoola' a couple of tries however I'm not too sure whether I like it or not. I am going to give it a few more chances though as I want to like it and am therefore not giving up on it just yet!

This brow gel now has a place in my makeup routine as it sets my brows in place, it feels a bit sticky (that's probably obvious) but I haven't used a brow gel before. However, this isn't a problem for me, it's just something to get used to! The stickiness can make my brows feel in place and as though the product isn't going anywhere - which it doesn't!

And that is everything.. I hope I haven't forgotten anything otherwise I'll be annoyed haha!

I hope you enjoyed this haul which is something I've not done in a while and let me know if you'd like me to post more of them!

Thanks for reading!
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