20th Birthday Surprise Trip to Portsmouth!


Hello my beautiful readers!

Whilst I've been sunning myself up in Mallorca before another work-filled year of University, I've thought alot about my birthday and how my boyfriend made it the best one yet!

On the build up to my birthday, 
a) it didn't kick in until about the week or so before that my birthday was round the corner
and b) I wasn't too fussed about how it would be celebrated as long as my boyfriend Chris and my family munched on some form of cake!

However what I didn't know was Chris had a surprise set in place (his cheeky smiles and hiding away on his phone gave it away) and I had something to look forward to. 

On the morning of my birthday my mum treated me to get my nails done which apparently bought Chris some time to set up my surprise and do the finishing touches (his words not mine). This made me even more curious as I told him I didn't want to know anything until I returned from the nail bar (which was regretted on the day when in the morning I found myself continuously asking what the surprise was).

My beautiful nails!

When I did in fact return from the nail bar I walked into my room to find this beautiful layout on my bed!

All of my gifts I received from Chris were beautiful and I couldn't ask for a better boyfriend.

However although he seemed to have spent a lot of money on me - I still love him, even if he got me nothing! Love isn't based on the gifts you give to one another but the little things - like him just being there on my birthday was more than enough!

But, because he's the cheesiest of them all he got me

The most beautiful bouquet of flowers

A stunning necklace from Swarovski

A Lush gift set

The cheesiest picture frame

And finally - booked us a room to stay in one of the best hotels in Portsmouth for two nights!
However, Chris had booked to stay on the night of my birthday and the night after. So because of this once I saw the surprise written in my card it was a case of packing up quickly and getting going!
What an paladventure! 
(That's my attempt to mix palaver and adventure together..)

Along with showing you all the beautiful gifts (more than I could ever ask for) I was given to celebrate my birthday I am also sharing all the photos we took on our stay in today's post!

Road trip fun!

(The best part was our pit stop at McDonald's for a cheeky nuggets meal)

When we arrived in Portsmouth on my birthday (exciting!) we spoke about how amazing our room was before I told Chris how very lucky I am to have someone as special as him. Then once that was over we had a shower/bath, made ourselves look slightly more presentable and found somewhere to eat.

The food was incredible!

Afterwards we found a bar/club place where we had a few cocktails before heading back to our hotel room for Netflix!

Day 1

On our first day we set off to explore Portsmouth - we were definitely headed for the Spinnaker Tower!

In the morning we had our first of two (we had another night to go!) included breakfasts at The Clarence Hotel. I had waffles with fruit meanwhile Chris ordered scrambled eggs and salmon!
Bon Apetit!

After a sit down on the pebbled beach we found Portsmouth has a Pier! Our dream come true.

We of course played some air hockey and saw what the pier had to offer but we decided to explore it a bit more the next day as we wanted to get to the Spinnaker Tower!

A few selfies in front of the Spinnaker Tower!

Afternoon tea at the top :)

I look super goofy and weird here but Chris had caught me off guard and I suppose that's why I kind of like it :)

We then had a cheeky snack (after eating at the top - such fatties) and the cafe served nachos! So we obviously ordered them. They were delish!

We then hit a shopping centre which surrounded the bottom of the Spinnaker Tower where I made a cheeky Michael Kors purchase along with a pair of Levi Jeans!
When we came home I also found that I had won a Twitter giveaway which was amazing, my birthday had already been the best one yet & we had another evening in Portsmouth still!

After a fun filled day at the beach, having a quick look at what the pier had to offer, going up the Spinnaker Tower and a little shop at the shopping centre, we decided to have a bath using one of the bath bombs Chris got me for my birthday! It was the perfect way to soothe our poor aching feet before going out for dinner.

Seeing as on our night before we didn't go anywhere too glammed up we decided to go to a restaurant where we could dress up a tad.

The evening was beautiful we ordered garlic bread for starter and I had pasta while Chris had pizza for main course.

And of course we ordered a bottle of prosecco because why the heck not.

After our meal we went to Bar One which was just around the corner where we shared a cocktail.

Day Two
In the morning we had breakfast and both ate all of our Eggs Benedict which was so f***ing good!

In the morning we set off to the beach once again as there's nothing better than the sound of waves crashing as they roll in while licking some ice cream!
We also took a few posey pictures because we thought the scenery was just stunning.

We then went for lunch at Mozzarella Joes where we had garlic bread and then shared a plate of scampi bites and chips. The scenery was once again beautiful as we were basically on the sea and the weather could not have been better. In fact - when we arrived back home, we found that we had burnt!

We had a better look at the pier on the second day, we once again played a bit of air hockey and bought tokens for one of the rides! Alongside playing some basketball it was another amazing day.

I am so thankful to Chris for making my birthday extremely special, even if I did remember it was coming up only a week before-hand (oops).
I plan on putting all of these memory filled photos into an album alongside the other one I put together after our adventure to Brighton for Chris's birthday!

Thank you for reading!
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