Birthday Treats!


Hi guys!
I'm sure you're all wondering where I've been but I've managed to squeeze in about an hour for some much needed blogging time!
Although my birthday was back in August I have wanted to share with you for ages a competition I managed to win on my birthday!
I am yet to give most of the goodies I got sent a try due to the hectic uni life, however I've not been feeling too great recently and I am working on looking at all the positivity in my life and how I can make any negativity positive! So therefore I've decided to reflect on my birthday which was amazing thanks to both my family and boyfriend!

The Bloggers Hub hosted a competition to win all of these prizes and since I mentioned my it was my birthday the day before they accounced the winner they kindly took that into account and wished me happy birthday!

I have used the Paul's Boutique bag to carry round my books etc for university as it is such a good size! I manage to fit my massive notebooks, water bottle, everything I need in there so it has come in handy!
I am super excited for Christmas break as I'm hoping I will then get the chance to try out the other goodies they sent and I can then let you know how I get on!

I will also try and write up a 'what's in my uni handbag' if you'd like one of those so stay posted!

Until next time, whenever that may be,
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- Mel