Beginning Second Year


Hey guys,

A couple of weeks ago I began another adventurous chapter in my life after a very fun and packed fun summer! 
My first year at uni was easily enjoyable as everyone I knew lived on campus making a fun get-together predrinks or seeing them on a night out easily done. 
However, you have to find somewhere off campus to live for second year while the freshers fill up the university's accommodation. Whenever I've gone out on a night out by the university's event, it's been full of freshers making seeing your friends harder a task enabling me to appreciate the times I see them more than last year as it's not as easily done now, plus the fact we've all got jobs or are looking for one. 

Chris(my boyfriend), Rupert and Rob(basically my flat mates during first year)
Apologies for the face pose ❤️ 
Liam and my Twinnie Sammy who I live with now❤️
Ibiza Girls❤️

Here are a few faces I have missed over the summer holidays and when we had a get together the other night it was hilarious! These were basically my flat mates during first year. I loved that this catchup was arranged, it reminded me that nothing has changed, we're still the crazy bunch we were before summer! 
This is what excited me about coming back to uni, the friends here are my friends for life and that is the special part of the experience. I am only here for 2 more years and I am going to make the best of it by appreciating/capturing every moment knowing I can look back on it with a smile and no regrets. 

Time is a very delicate but special part of our lives. It is amazing to think that sometimes five minutes feels like 10, when it can also go by in a heartbeat. All depending on how you are spending it. Time is not there merely to waste but to appreciate by making the most of it and it is up to you how you spend it. Today could be your last, no one knows, make sure you do something achievable everyday so that you won't regret it and in the end your timeline will be full of happy achievements instead of 'I should've done this' 

I hope you enjoyed today's post :)

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  1. You are definitely right about time being something that needs appreciating and made the most of! Also - enjoy your second year! It's really lovely to live off Campus and you'll find things get a lot tougher! Good Luck!

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