19th Birthday day out in London with my boyfriend❤️


Hey guys!

As a birthday treat my boyfriend organised a day in London to celebrate my 19th. The day mixed horror and comedy - my two favourite things as we went to the London Bridge Experience & Tombs followed by a few hours before going to see Stomp! We had such a laugh and created memories I will never forget with the help of pictures to look back on! 
Because my blog is my personal bubble of happiness, positivity I look at when feeling blue. Along with getting any troublesome thoughts off my chest, I wanted to post the memories on here, enabling me to look back any time I want. 

London Bridge Experience & Tombs. 
Covent Gardens!

Covent Gardens❤️
Bella Italia for dinner where I had spaghetti carbonara❤️

My favourite picture of us😂

Thankyou to my amazing boyfriend who I am so lucky to have for organising such a lovely day! I feel so lucky to have him along with my friends in my life❤️if you aren't happy with your life and who's in it change it until you wouldn't want to change it for the world❤️

I hope you liked today's post - I understand that it's slightly different as it's more picture related and slightly soppy. But our friends have huge effects on our lives as they help you live it. 


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Thank you for reading my blog, let me know what you thought if you would like to. I will reply as soon as I can :)
- Mel