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Hey guys!
Today I have a haul for you with clothes and beauty products I have bought over the past week!

The first shop where I splurged a bit of money in was Primark. The first thing I picked up were these gorgeous high heeled black boots costing me £15. I have had my eye on a pair of shoes like this for a while but always been anxious about spending too much money on them. However I felt £15 wasn't too bad when I had been seeing ones cost about £30-£40 in other places like Topshop/River Island. I wore these on a night out with the girls last night and they were so much comfier than when I've worn thin heels/platforms. I also felt alot safer in these than when I've worn high heeled platforms as I just restrict myself from too much movement in the fear of falling over. That's not what a night out is all about is it? - Worrying about falling over. I was able to have more fun and dance!

The next item I picked up from Primark was this stripey top costing £5! I love the style of this top as it allows me to dress it up for a night out with a skirt and heels maybe, or wear it casual for a dance class or just a day out shopping.

The final item I picked up from Primark was this black and white striped clutch bag with a short strap for £7. What drew me towards this bag was the sophistication and classiness of the style. I also needed a clutch bag as I don't own one at uni and sometimes it's a nice addition to an outfit so I decided it was worth it for just £7!

The next shop where I cannot help but spend a great deal of money every time I visit, is Superdrug.
I firstly picked up the Rimmel Kate Moss 107 lipstick as after watching a recent video on Zoella's main channel and seeing her wear it many a times, I decided I needed it. (Every beauty lover's excuse for buying more makeup right?) I was also on the hunt for a seasonal autumn lipstick as I will not miss out the chance to wear gorgeous dark burgundy shades this season.

The next thing I picked up was the MUA palette for £4. I immediately picked this up and put it straight in my basket merely because of the shades included. I was drawn to the autumnal tones packed within this palette and got very excited about using it. However, after testing a few shades the other day I'm not surprised for £4 the pigmentation of these shades is poor, I have only tried two (a purple and the gold glittery one). Therefore, I now understand why this is sold for £4 and Urban Decay palette's retail at £38, the difference in pigmentation and quality is amazing.

I never miss the chance to look at the random bits in baskets slotted round the shop full of bargains! I enjoy using these cotton wool pads to remove face makeup, nail varnish etc and they were on offer for only £1!

After watching Velvetgh0st / Gabriella Lindley's drugstore haul where she features this Maybelline Creme Puff Blush in the shade Gorgeous Berries I knew this would be the perfect autumnal blusher. Just looking at the shade from the video and when I picked it up, a gorgeous dark purple shimmering consistency, it brings a lovely warm glow to the cheeks. I am in love with it!

The next thing I had to pick up because I needed it (enter laughing face here), is this small bag from Zoella's collection which can be used for many things. I use it to put my hearing aids in sometimes when going for a shower. It is also a lovely handbag size where as I've shown in the picture above, I am able to fit my iPhone 6 in it and probably a few essentials. What I like about this 'purse' - I suppose one could call it, is it not being too big which means I can fit it in my handbag without it taking up too much room! Therefore I will most likely be using it for my phone and any makeup.

The final thing I picked up while queuing was some nail polish remover which was actually an essential and this was only £2.99.

This bag came free as I got products as part of the 3 for 2 offer where I also got a free sexy bag!

I got this skirt from Boohoo for £15 when I was looking for a skirt with a slit down the side showing a cheeky bit of leg. However this one looked stunning on the model online so I decided to buy it! The fabric is lovely and soft with a silky texture. The only thing was I felt quite explicit so I wore short shorts underneath just in case!
In the right hand picture I am also wearing my high heeled black boots that I mentioned earlier.

I've left the best thing til last! I received Zoella's new book 'Girl Online On Tour' as I pre-ordered a signed copy! I have not started reading it yet but I am so excited!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Your haul looks amazing, i really like the boots!



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