Blake Lively: Makeup Tutorial


Hello my lovelies!

Today I am going to be sharing with you how, with the magic of makeup, I transformed myself into the beautiful Blake Lively for a celebrity themed night out.
The first thing I do is apply the Mac Studio Fix foundation with a sponge applicator. I much prefer applying foundation with a sponge instead of a makeup brush as it has more of a matte finish rather than greasy. It also makes the foundation much easier to apply because you are padding it into place rather than dragging the product over your skin which gives the face greater coverage. 
I then go ahead with the Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. In the image above she seems to have a sharp contrast between the light and darker areas of her face. I therefore want to lighten up under my eyes, the top of my nose, chin, forehead and just above my cheekbone more than usual. 
To contour I apply the bottom shade of the Collection Gorgeous Glow Bronzing Block with a small brush just under my cheekbones, on the outside of my nose and round the forehead. 
Because her cheeks show a light shade of pink, I go ahead with the pink shimmery shade above the dark brown just along my cheeks and slightly under my eyes. 
Highlighting was very key to this look as I applied a heavy amount of concealer and matched with a brush of the top White shade along the top of my cheekbones, under the eyes, top of the nose, chin and forehead. 
With the face complete, I move onto my eyebrows using my favourite 'Mushroom' from the Urban Decay 'Smoked' palette. Focusing on the shape of the brows I apply slightly thinner line than I normally would, taking notice of the beginning which is slightly heavier.
Moving onto the eyelids, I apply 'Booty Call' from the Naked 2 palette to brighten up the inner corner of my eyes, highlight the brow bone and set a base for the eye makeup. I then go ahead with 'Chopper' and work it into my crease the lid as her eyes seem to portray a hint of orangey shade. 
To make the eyes a more pinky/light shaded along the top of the crease I bring 'Dive' from 'Naked on the Run' into the look. Blake also has a hint of a light brown into her crease. I therefore add a few strokes of 'Fix' also from 'Naked on the Run'.

Blake doesn't seem to be wearing any liquid eyeliner but when I zoomed in closely I noticed a pencil liner just above the top lash line. I therefore line above my lashes with the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Kohl Liner very thinly and create a tiny flick at the end but nothing dramatic. I also apply some under my bottom waterline as she looks like she's got a thin line on the outer corner.
Her lashes are black and mine are blonde so for mascara I use the L'Oreal Miss Manga in Black for my top and bottom lashes.
I then apply some natural looking false lashes from Eyelure (No 070) as hers aren't dramatic. 
For the lips I decided to wear my Naked Ultra Nourishing Gloss SESSO just to change the look up a bit and add my own touch to it instead of a red lip! This is a beautiful shiny gloss which although is a nude shade, the shine intertwined sophisticates it. 
For the hair I used my Ghd straighteners as I prefer to curl my hair by clamping the top of a strand of hair, twisting and slowly dragging them out. 
For my outfit I decided to wear something that is of her style which in my opinion is sophisticated and glam, especially when she is dolled up.
This dress is from H&M. It is one of my favourite dresses and nowhere near expensive. I thought this was close to her style for a smart casual look. I imagine her pairing it with a faux fur coat and black heels with a clutch bag and big dangly earrings. 
This is the finished look!
Me and my boyfriend decided to go as Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds which I think turned out quite well! 
I loved dressing up as a celebrity, especially Blake as she is gorgeous and her makeup is always on point by the photos I've looked at of her for inspiration. She always seems to have a very subtle, pretty look but extremely gorgeous! It was very fun to apply makeup by someone else's looks as it all felt purposeful. For example I am applying this because it matches what she's wearing, it felt a lot more creative and a fun experiment.
The reason I decided to go as Blake was because I didn't want to transform myself too much, I went for a celebrity I didn't have to change myself extremely for because we should cherish our looks. We mustn't get confused with completely changing ourselves to look like somebody else because they are who we want to be. I look at this as merely a fun process. It's amazing to see what makeup can do but I won't forever be wearing this makeup because I feel I look more like a celebrity when wearing it. Let's not always go through life aspiring to be someone else, but achieve wonderful things which is basically what celebrities do.

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