Summer edition: Light Smokey Eye makeup tutorial


Hello my lovelies,

Today I have a makeup tutorial which I wore one night on my recent holiday to Majorca with my boyfriend :)

For me, evenings are the time where you transform from no makeup and perhaps feeling not so glamorous during the day. Obviously this would be the case if you're going to be outside sunbathing/going on a trip etc and the sun is just too hot to even think about makeup. However when the temperature drops only slightly and the sun is hidden amongst the darkness, here's the time for you to feel glamorous. This might either be done with your favourite perfume and a bit of makeup. Evenings are basically the time to feel good about yourself as the temperature has dropped a bit, therefore you can cope with a bit more makeup! 
Before I start I'd just like to point out I am no professional makeup artist, this is just a look I enjoyed putting together and I want to share it with you guys as makeup is something I enjoy.

For starters, I apply the Revlon Colorstay in 220 Natural Beige for Combination/Oily Skin. For me, this is a foundation I have to spend quite a bit of time on blending otherwise it looks a bit scratchy at first. Another tip when applying this is always apply the foundation in layers. Therefore meaning to start with a thin base and go from there. I decided to keep quite a thin layer for this look because as I have recently been on holiday, my freckles have come out and I do love them :). Because they are one of my favourite parts about me, I didn't want to cover them up, therefore only applying a thin layer of foundation.

I then focused on brightening up the shadowing underneath my eyes and covering up areas of redness with my Rimmel London Wake Me Up concealer in the shade 010 Ivory. When applying this under my eyes and in the corner I tried to spread this as much as I could instead of patting it in, not wanting to cover up my freckles! In terms of redness, which tends to show up round my nose and, since my holiday, at the end of my nose! 

After using both a light shade of foundation and concealer, I decided to bronze up my face and contouring my cheeks to match my tan with the Body Shop bronzer 01 Golden Bronze. This is such a lovely shade of brown for this look as I sometimes find bronzers can be a bit too orangey. I was extremely happy to have found this product and it even looks gorgeous in the package! This product works extremely well with the foundation as it doesn't contrast too much, therefore making the bronzer give more of a natural glow. I use this for contouring my cheeks and nose. I then sweep the product over my face darkening up the face slightly, blending in with my tan. Otherwise I think I'd look a bit pale!

Here is the finished look for the face.
Onto the eyes:
For my eyes, I am going to create a glittery, bad girl smokey eye.
I start by using the shade Bootycall from my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette as a shimmery base for all over my lid including the inner corner adding to the brightness from the concealer to help open up the eyes. I also apply this underneath my brows brightening up my brow bone and widening the eyes. I then use the shade pistol across my lid, dodging the inner corner. This is a light grey shimmery shade and I aim to use it to darken up the crease slightly. 
Then onto my Urban Decay 'Smoked' palette I continue the eye makeup by applying Asphalt into the crease and under the eye along just below the waterline. This gives a smokey outline of the eye and helps darken up the eyes but instead of closing them in, with the application of the concealer and shimmery touch in the inner corner, this helps outline those big eyes. 
To finish the eyeshadow I applied a touch of the shade 'blackout' to my outer corner, blending into the crease.

For brows I use an angled brush to apply the shade 'mushroom' starting from where the brow begins working my way out. I've found the easiest way to guide yourself here is to get the end opposite the brush, place it next to your nose in a vertical line, here is your starting point. Then, leaving the brush end still touching the end of your nose, move the tool along the brow, to find another corner, then continue to find point 3, the end of the brow.
In terms of eyeliner I use both products from Rimmel London 'Scandal Eyes'. I begin to use the Micro Eyeliner just above the top waterline and finishing this with a flick at the outer corner, drawing my eyes out. This helps make the eyelashes appear thicker once mascara has been applied. I then applied the pencil eyeliner along my bottom waterline, out lining the eyes making them stand out a bit more.

Lastly, for the eyes, I apply my all time favourite L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga mascara in the shade extra black. Due to the dark, smokey atmosphere given off from the eyes, it seems only right to ensure the lashes are visible and if you are preparing for a night-out, falsies would also be worn. I apply the mascara to my top and bottom lashes knowing the mascara promises to add mega volume. My lashes are naturally long anyway but the volume this adds is insane and I think I've bought this quite a few times now after binning an empty pot each time.

I decided to include two lip products for this look depending on the occasion. For a night out I would, without hesitation, grab for the Kate Moss Lasting Finish in the number 20. When applying this lipstick you are immediately made aware that the product sticks to your lips due to it lacking moisture. I will sometimes apply my babyliss lip balm as a primer just to add a touch of moisture to my lips otherwise I can find myself licking my lips often as they can feel sticky. However on the plus side, the product is long-lasting, therefore extremely suitable for a night out hitting your favourite club. I also feel the product helps resolve the lack of colour due to the pink brightening up the look a tad escaping the goth-like effect it may have given off. And also, if a bit of smooching is involved, no worries! It doesn't smudge!
Although, if you're more for nude lips I would highly recommend the Urban Decay Naked lipgloss. This came in a travel set and it is the nicest colour! It's a beautiful dark glossy, shiny nude which makes the look suitable for either shopping trips, date nights or even night outs if you're more of a nude girl (not literally, don't do that).. 

I feel that the look you are going for depends entirely on the colour of the lips. If you've chosen a bright lip, this finishes a night-club look. However, a nude lip can automatically transform the look into a daytime wear such as going out for lunch, coffee dates, shopping trips etc. 

Thank you for reading my step-by-step tutorial on a smokey eye. I will leave some snaps of the final look below.. Until next time lovelies :)


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