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Today I am going to discuss ways we can use makeup in order to boost our confidence instead of trying to fit in by wearing what everybody else seems to be. Like I mentioned in my last Uplifting Midweek Post, the models who present a beauty product often hide the truth of how it could look on somebody else. The reason for this is because we are all different and all have our own special features that another may not endure. I am therefore going to be discussing how you can make yourself feel more confident with your looks along with my own natural makeup tutorial of how I do this with my looks to show you what I mean.

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Everyone is constantly trying to find ways to fit in and this can often be influenced by society's expectations of beauty. If you haven't already read a post I've already written on Living Up To Society's Expectations where I go into more depth with this. However, everyone is different which some may think is a bad thing. Instead of looking at someone and thinking 'why can't my cheekbones look as defined as hers/his' we need to stop, take a good look at ourselves in the mirror and take a note of what we like about ourselves. I'm going to be honest with you here, it took a bit of time before I could do this properly. Because we see our bodies everyday, we somehow don't notice how unique our features are compared to others due to us constantly putting ourselves down with comparison. We always want what we don't have. If finding parts of yourself that you love is a difficult task for you, ask a friend what some of your best features are and perhaps you'll be able to realise them more. For example, I have lately come to love the fact I have big eyes and long eyelashes. This is an advantage as I don't struggle to find mascaras promising to give me long lashes as mine are naturally long. I have also come to realise how blue my eyes actually are so I tend to wear mascara on both my top and bottom lashes opening the eyes up a tad more, showing them off. It's all about confidence. If you have big eyes, show them off, why not?! It's all about boosting your confidence and there's definitely nothing wrong with that. 

Instead of looking at a model who is helping to promote a certain beauty product with negativity by thinking 'why can't I look like that', only draw your focus to makeup that will compliment your unique features. For example, if you have big lips, search for bold lip products/shiny glosses, therefore bringing more attention to your lips. Also, if you stick to doing this, I guarantee you won't be putting yourself down because once you know you have big lips (something not everyone has) there is no reason to be miserable when looking at the model promoting lipsticks. 

This is where makeup becomes fun and creative as you will begin to find certain makeup looks that suit you in more ways than it does for others. You will enjoy wearing lipstick knowing your lips are one of your favourite parts about you therefore enabling you to feel confident wearing it. This is how we learn to enjoy makeup rather than spiting the topic because although you wear the same foundation as another, you still look different. It is simply a learning process - you may come along one product realising it really does not suit you but then find another that helps define a part of you. 

We are all the same but different. This meaning we all have the same features i.e a nose, mouth, pair of eyes, brows.. but what makes us different is how these are shaped and portrayed. Some have brown eyes, others blue and because of this; certain makeup only helps define certain colours and/shapes. I am not saying makeup is our key to happiness, but it will help you to realise and compliment the beauty you've not yet noticed by adding definition. The amount of makeup we apply also varies. For example, some may prefer a much more harsh/defined contour whereas others would rather a light shadowing or even none at all because they don't require it. It also depends on the look you are basing your makeup on.

I am going to show you a step-by-step tutorial with products I use on an everyday basis which I know define my much preferred features making me feel more confident.
I like to start my routine with the Rimmel London Wake Me Up Concealer. I apply this to areas of redness and my under-eye circles. Some people label these as issues of imperfections, I however choose not to call it that, why should I say I am covering up my imperfections? They should not be classed as 'ugly' as they are part of our natural skin & beauty. However, the concealer is merely there to brighten up places the sun will naturally land on and to simply do what the concealer implies, wake up the eyes.
I rub this in with my real techniques brush brightening up my face slightly.

I then use a slight amount of bronzer under my cheekbone, round the edge of face, bringing it down the neck whilst blending it evenly giving a natural warm glow. This is just to shadow the areas you want to zone out, adding texture to your face, portraying the difference between light and dark shades. This also works well if, like me, you have a round face as it helps bring out your cheeks more by shadowing underneath the bone, especially if you were to add a swipe of blush. Contouring my cheekbones boosts my confidence as I feel it works well with concealer and I find strong cheekbones attractive. 

Onto the eyes I just take my L'Oreal Miss Manga mascara on my top lashes. Due to me having light blonde eyelashes which are barely visible, this stands them out and because they are naturally long I like to show them off.

For my brows, I use the shade Mushroom from my well beloved Urban Decay palette 'Smoked'. Filling in my eyebrows is essential for me because like my lashes, they are hardly visible so doing this is a must otherwise I'd look like my eyebrows have come off accidentally whilst waxing them! I love this shade for my brows as my hair is naturally light blonde I struggled to find a colour suitable & natural looking against my skin tone and hair. Because I am content with this shade knowing it makes my brows look good, I'm happy with sticking to this colour and since finding it, haven't felt the need to try out other products.
Although having the lightest eyebrows, you can still find a way of loving this part of you. For example, I don't have to pluck/get them threaded because there's no point, I can simply brush a colour over them and shape them in anyway I like. It makes life so much easier! I have never booked an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed/threaded in my life! One less pain I have to go through in my life phew..!

And this is the finished look! Makeup shouldn't be something we use to mask our beauty with a complete different face. We should use products to enhance areas of ourselves we want to stand out above the rest. This isn't covering our natural features, it just makes them more noticeable thereby boosting our confidence in a positive way :)

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