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Hello and welcome back!

Today I would like to share with you what I've been living in a very short July, I feel it went by very quickly I'm not sure it even lasted a whole month. It honestly lasted 10 seconds for me. Maybe because I sleep a lot but we're not here to discuss my lazy habits!

Here's all what I've been loving lately! That's a lot of beauty products.. Oops!
First up.. (This suddenly feels like a contestant line up) is my all time hair favourite Garnier Ultimate Blends 'The strength restorer' serum. This is honestly amazing! At it says at the top of the box, it targets split ends and as I've already mentioned, strengthens the hair. I apply this through the ends when my hair is half wet-half dry before styling as it can dampen the hair slightly. The reason for this is because I like to work it through the hair and feel it is more effective when slightly dry as the hair has more grip. Whereas when it's wet I feel it's more slippery. 
I bought the serum to try and revive my hair as the ends started to dry out (I've finally had a much needed hair cut). This worked wonders, although my hair wasn't magically revived and looked healthy again after one use which wasn't what I was expecting, it still felt silly smooth and much less dry. Once my hair was dry I could run my fingers through the strands easily. It also has a lovely honey scent, therefore smelling amazing!
Another hair product I've been loving not just through July, but for a while and I still do, is the Argan Oil of Morocco. This, I apply to wet hair before rough drying and after styling. However, instead of running this through the wet strands with my fingers I simply spray all over, paying particular attention to the ends. This works really well and smells amazing with the Garnier strength restorer which I mentioned first. This helps the ends feel much smoother and adds life by giving colour and highlighting the hair also.
My third favourite of the month is Maybelline's 'Babyliss' in the colour Cherry Me. I love this lip balm, I honestly cannot go a day without wearing it. It's such a beautiful, natural red.. and by natural I mean it's the perfect everyday lip colour. 
It's also extremely moisturising and tastes amazing. I love the fact that it's basically a tinted lip balm, I've tried other shades but this is the only colour I've stuck to and when I apply my everyday makeup, always reach for it. If I wear something different I just somehow feel lost without it (is that weird?). However, it's definitely suitable for an everyday look but not an evening in my opinion. I have sometimes worn it on a night out but the feeling of lipstick always tends to make me feel much more glammed and party-girl. Lip-balm is more casual and during the day so I wouldn't recommend it as a night-out look.
Another lip product which I've used a lot and worn on almost every night out is the Rimmel London Kate Moss in number 20 under 'Lasting Finish'. 
As you can see I've pretty much reached out for it when I'm wearing a little bit more makeup than I would everyday as I feel it is such a beautiful shade of pink and the pigmentation is extremely suitable for a night out or special occasion. I wouldn't wear this if the plan for your eye makeup was using bright colours as it would be buried amongst the shades. This lipstick is much more eye-catching and makeup appropriate if the eye-shadows are darker as the pop of colour suggests bold and adds a hint of glamour.
Onto face products I've been loving The Body Shop bronzer in the shade Golden Bronze. 
I have used this in a recent makeup post if you want to check it out here..
I am always on the hunt for bronzers as I love having a selection of shades suitable for different makeup looks. What drew my attention to this bronzer is the packaging. I love how makeup travel bag size appropriate it is and the colour just appears stunning. The thing I love most about this bronzer is you can apply it lightly, giving off a low-toned contour and warmth to the face. But you can also build it up which I often leave to the contouring depending how strong I want my cheekbones to appear.
Another face product I've been loving, not the whole of July, only recently is the Super Facialist by Una Brennan. This feels lovely on my skin, it comes out as a clear gel which smells of Elderflower. This is so simple to use, the gel feels lovely on my skin, I haven't used it to take off my face makeup yet, only to clean the skin. The gel can be so easily washed off with water by wetting your hands and rubbing them into the skin in a circular motion which foams the gel up then splashing your face and rubbing all over. This leaves the skin feeling tight as though it has closed the pores up, but also leaves a nice smooth touch.
The final section of this month's favourites is eyes. 
First up is the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade On and On Bronze. This has been raved about for ages and I bought it quite a while ago but decided to include it in this month's favourites. This is such a lovely creamy texture holding the most beautiful shade of brown with a hint of glitter. The only thing I often find it difficult to do is picking it up with my finger to apply it as my nails are so long and I wouldn't want to cut them. I've tried a brush but the texture is slightly sticky making it awkward to gather up, also giving off a scratchy look once applied and it's also left stuck to the brush. However apart from this, I've used it as a base if I'm aiming to go for a brown smokey look. When rubbing it into the eyelid, it's so easy to glide around, spreading out an even base. A little tip though, a little goes a long way, if you're like me and don't like letting your products go to waste, don't gather up much of the product as if you don't need to use all of it, it'll go to waste. 
My final favourites of the month is the Urban Decay Smoked Palette.
This palette is beautiful for creating smokey eye looks (as the name suggests!) I've used all of the shades apart from Evidence and Loaded which are slightly out of my comfort zone and haven't felt the need to reach for them in any of my looks. However, apart from Kinky and Freestyle, all the other shades have been applied more to the crease, outer corner or the lower waterline of the eye, creating a dramatic drawn out look. 
My most favourite shades are Mushroom (which I use daily for my brows), Rockstar as it's such a beautiful, slightly glittery purple and Asphalt, which I occasionally use on my crease and eyelid to add glitter to a black smokey eye look.

And that's all my favourites for the month! What've you been loving this month?

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