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Hey guys,
In my latest post I spoke to you about my busy but amazing weekend (take me back please) and promised to post a shopping haul of all the items I purchased whilst shopping at Westfield as part of two of my friends' birthday.
So today I am going to be talking you through all the items I bought :)

As you can see in the picture above, these are the two items of clothing I bought first. Both are from H&M and both cost me £6.99. I absolutely love these crop tops, they are both flowery although the one on the left can be worn with brighter colours to give more of a summery look whereas the one on the right can be worn perhaps for a more casual occasion but still for a summer look due to it being a crop top :)

I then went to Schuh where I bought these beauties.
I had a tough decision on whether to buy burgundy vans or converse as I didn't know what I preferred. So with the help of my friends I decided to buy converse. And I could not be happier. I am so happy with my choice of brand and I just love them so much! Due to their neutral colour I have found I can wear them with almost anything and they look fine.

Next, I shopped at Forever 21 where I purchased this blue formal occasion top.
For £9.50 I think this top was a bargain, it's loose, the material is silky and at the back, if you can't see, it has a gap at the bottom as though someone got a pair of scissors and cut it halfway. It's gorgeous, and you can either dress it up with either black jeans and heels with a pretty necklace. Or for an everyday summer look with a bandeau/bikini top (as it drops quite low sometimes), shorts, sunglasses and a messy bun!
The only downside which was my fault is that I got a size 10 and I'm a 6/8 so therefore it is quite baggy and I have to wear a strap top underneath. The reasons for this is because I found it on a rack somewhere and couldn't find where it originally came from but I had to buy it as I fell in love with it!

And last but not least... a Princess Ariel mug from the Disney Storeeeeee!
Me and my friends all got a Disney mug with a different Princess on the front and I absolutely love it! It is my new cup of tea/hot chocolate mug! :D

At the end of the day I was so pleased with all my buys and don't regret anything I bought :)
So once again we come to the end of another post.
Thank you for reading,
Until next time

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