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Hello my lovelies!

It feels like a long time since I wrote my last blog post as I've been struggling to come up with something you'll all find interesting!
However recently I've made some new discoveries in both makeup, fashion and lifestyle which I have decided to share with you today!

All these items are mainly holiday favourites however it is that time of the year! Most of these items I have discovered on my two most recent holidays! 

My first recent discovery and current favourite is the Revolution Blush palette in the shade 'Golden Sugar'. 
Mirror - The first thing I am super happy with is the size of the mirror. Other than using the mirror whilst applying the available shades, it does come in handy when applying any other makeup products and is therefore a necessity when travelling. I do have a relatively big standing mirror which I can carry around with me, however I feel like this one is more suitable for travel and replaces my other one which I use at home.

The shades - Now for the main event-the shades! This palette includes an array of shades suitable for every area of the face. It includes a highlighter, contour, shimmer, bronzer and four different shades of blush.. all in one palette! The pigmentation is on point; sometimes I do opt for a darker contour so I mix the bottom right corner shade with a darker brown however these shades involve high pigmentation along with a subtle finish to the face. 

Also part of the Revolution range is the Vivid Baked Highlighter 
'Peach Lights'!

Size - The first handy thing about this is it can fit nicely in your handbag in case you're in need of an emergency slay! It's size is also suitable to carry in my handbag on a shopping day instead of bringing a palette round with me! 

Pigmentation - Although I have a highlighter in my palette, this has a slight rose pink undertone which can bring both a healthy & illuminating glow to your cheekbones! 

The next current favourite is the Body Shop Piñita Colada body butter. I decided this was a new favourite of mine whilst on holiday with my boyfriend. Although it is quite bulky I don't think I could have lasted long on a smaller size as I have used up so much already! I bought it as part of a buy one get one free deal so I also bought the Piñita Colada exfoliator!

Scent As you can see quite alot has been used already.. (oops!) However a little can go a long way I used it as an after sun lotion all of my body and it smells delicious! It has definitely been added to my favourite holiday scents!
Consistency - It has such a smooth but relatively thick texture. However it does take a little while for it to sink in so I did find myself standing like a tree for a few minutes! This could have been due to the temperature though as when I went out to Zante with my girl mates the room was boiling at times so to be applying a thick moisturizer probably wasn't the best idea!

My next current favourite is the Zoella Candy Clutch Beauty Bag!

The bag itself - As you can see from the images above, the bag itself can fold over and shuts magnetically or it can be straightened out if you require more room.
The magnetic attachment makes it multi-purposeful as you are able to turn it into whatever you require it for. If it be for makeup, the bag can be folded over to fit in a largeish handbag. Or for a holiday where predicatively more toiletries are needed, you can unfold it for more room.

Travel friendly - This came in super handy on my recent holiday to Zante as I carried all of my toiletries in here!
At home I still use it to place any toiletries in when travelling from my place to Chris's so I find it very useful as I am almost always travelling between the two.
Using this means there will be less mess if you were to place your toiletries in with all your other stuff as there would be a higher risk of leakage and therefore ruining other belongings!

Another holiday discovered favourite is these sunglasses from Topshop!

Now there's not much to say about these other than I really like the frame. They're big-ish but don't cover the whole face. My favourite part is the metallic points on the outside and due to their dark colour they go with almost everything and lately they've been finishing off my outfits!

Another recent favourite from both holiday and everyday wear is the Bourjois City Radiance Foundation 'Beige Clair'.

This has come in super handy especially on holiday where I don't necessarily feel like overloading my face with makeup in the evenings.
Consistency - it has quite a thick texture but once spread over the face it doesn't feel like I have just loaded a thick layer of product over my skin.

Another beauty favourite is the Maybelline Brow Satin Medium Brown pencil.

The product itself - This has two ends, one is a pencil and the other is a sponge coated with brown product for shading.
Although I will never stop using my holy grail shade 'Mushroom' from the Urban Decay 'Smoked' palette to fill in my brows, both this pencil and the shade work well together. After filling in my brows with 'Mushroom', I use this to outline the bottom part which recently has made my brows more fleeky!

As one does, I've left the best to the last!

My favourite of my favourites is my Canon camera which I got for Christmas!
I have gotten so much use out of this since Christmas and taken it everywhere with me for any special days out/occasions or even just in case an unplanned memory is made, my first instinct is to capture the moment to make it last even longer!

Ever since Chris and I became an item we have created so many memories and my camera is filling up far too quickly which makes me super happy! I therefore decided to bring back the old ways of printing out the photos and displaying them in an album which I place on a shelf and can flick through at any point!

The other day we began this process and went out to buy a photo album and fill it with all the photos from our trip to Brighton for Chris's birthday!

Here are a few of my absolute favourite pages! (I would post all of them but that would make this post super long!)

I definitely plan on doing this for all the other photos we've taken from our days out and having a shelf specifically for albums!

And those are my recent favourites :)
Thanks for reading, what have you been loving lately?

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