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Hello everyone!

Today I have decided to write up a haul/review of Gabriella's (or most of you may know her as Velvetgh0st on Youtube) new stationery collection that has recently made an appearance in most of the Primark stores.

I was super excited to get my hands on some of this collection especially as last time she brought out a homeware collection I was unable to buy any of the range as it sold out too quickly :(

However the item I was most desperate to find was this purple pencil case retailing at £4.00 which has the letters 'XOXO' .. obviously inspired by the Netflix series Gossip Girl!
Instead of using this as a pencil case it has now become my makeup brushes bag as they all fit in this perfectly. It has therefore become my new favourite thing.

The second item I was also so excited to add to my collection of coolness was this fluffy pen costing £1.50 that just makes me want to scream 'it's so fluffy!!' I can imagine that quote from Despicable Me was the inspiration for this amazing invention! 
I will now carry this with me to all University lectures knowing I will be the coolest kid in the room.

Last but not least is this notebook retailing only at an affordable £2.50!
Recently I have been thinking about purchasing a notebook to write down all my blogging ideas to hopefully build up a schedule for possible weekly posts to make this more of an ongoing thing instead of posting once in a while. This notebook will therefore be used for this and anything else I need to jot down.

I find the colour/design of this collection super adorable as snippets of her personality are evident in some of them! This obviously not meaning she looks like a fluffy pen sometimes but the 'XOXO' on the pencil case reminds me of Gossip Girl and the fluffy pen makes me want to scream IT'S SO FLUFFY! By noticing the inspiration for these items, this makes the stationery fun and quirky!

These items are ridiculously affordable but at great quality, especially for a student like myself!
I am so pleased to have bought some of this collection before it sells out like last time!

Let me know in the comments below if you've bought any of the collection yet and what one is your favourite :)

Thanks for reading,
Gossip Girl

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