Poolside essentials


Hello my lovelies!

I feel like the happiest person as life cannot get any better than it is right now! 

My boyfriend Chris and I have escaped the stresses of life to his family's apartment in Mallorca in need of relaxation after another year of university is finished. Everyone needs a moment to stop and refresh when the pressures of life can get a little too intense. 

Today I am going to share with you my poolside essentials.

1. A book
Some of you may be disappointed in me but I have only just began reading Zoe Sugg's book Girl Online On Tour... I would be disappointed and confused as to why someone would leave such an incredible story on the shelf for too long. My second year of university has been so stressful and full on I have not had the time to sit back and read a good book, I've always had something on my mind and grabbing all the opportunities that are available instead of watching them pass by and regret not going for it as that's something I will not regret! 
However I have only been here for 3 days and already finished the book! There's some proof into how much I do actually enjoy reading and I am currently on the hunt for a new book!

2. Good music
This one is a must on holiday. Laying by the pool listening to your favourite upbeat playlist has got to be one (alongside reading) of my favourite parts of the holiday. I occasionally do this at home but I hardly find the time to just sit back and find myself again. My favourite songs right now are Cheerleader by Omi, Summer by Calvin Harris and Promises by Nero. 

3. Camera
I love photography so this is a personal essential that not everyone feels like they need to have with them by the pool. But I love capturing every moment especially since I got a camera for Christmas, it has followed me everywhere ever since. But not just capturing every moment, I enjoy finding cool angles, it's just a personal hobby of mine :)

The last thing which isn't an essential but it is something I find the time for when on holiday is writing my blog. Although they do say you can find the time for something if it means a lot to you but I want blogging to be my happy place and something I can turn to when feeling relaxed, I've suffered from writers block recently due to the hectic university life but now I am more relaxed, ideas are flowing around my head more so now.

And those are my poolside essentials, there are the obvious ones such as

Being by the pool (without this there is no such thing as poolside essentials)
Sun cream
A towel
Bottle of vodka
But those are all very obvious items which everyone takes with them anyway!

I hope you enjoyed this post and got you in the mood for a holiday! 

Until next time
Mel x

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- Mel