Recent Drugstore Purchases!


Hello my lovelies,

Today I am featuring some drugstore purchases from recent shopping trips. They are all summer related items which I am so excited to start using as it means summer has begun!

Beginning with lip products which are both from Revlon but have different qualities. The one on the left is the Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor. I had seen this advertised on t.v. which made me buy it out of curiosity & I absolutely love it! It may be a matte lip product but the application process is super cool as it has a glossy texture when applying, but then transforms into a matte consistency as it settles.
The pinky product on the right is the Revlon Balm Stain. This product is a crayon with a softer, dewy texture which also works as a moisturizer. Due to the softer consistency along with the light pink summer colour, I would wear this during the day. Whereas the Matte Lipcolor would come in handy when prepping for a nightout!

The next products that went straight in my basket were the Gelly Shine nail polishes from Barry M.
I am not normally one to paint my nails often, but these two super summery shades have motivated me to give my nails some colour!
The one on the left is in the shade Papaya and on the right is Green Gerry.. Although I'm not too sure as it's rubbed off a tad!

Here's a picture so you can work it out for yourselves haha!
I think these two shades are perfect for the summer time to match a summery outfit!

The last thing I picked up for the summer season is the Bourjois City Radiance sun protecting foundation with SPF 30!
I gave this a go today and it has such a thin texture in comparison to my Rimmel foundation. This will be perfect when going on holiday for during the day as it has great coverage along with SPF 30 which is a surprisingly high factor to find in a foundation/bb cream!

And that is all my recent drugstore purchases for the summertime!
What are your must-have summertime beauty products?

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  1. Hey Mel!

    I find it helpful to put links to the products I mention so readers can just click on it and read up about it more!

    Also with the flower garlands it is so hard to see the products, try a clearer background with the flowers not as a focus?

    Amazing post though I hope this helped!


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