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Hey guys
As you can guess by the title, today I am going to be giving you a step-by-step summery makeup tutorial which can be worn when you're either out shopping with friends or on an everyday basis when you're out and about.

Firstly, I apply the Collection Concealer in the shade 01 and by using the Real Techniques Contour Brush I apply this under my eyes to get rid of the dark circles and to brighten up the face as we have to remember, this is a bright summertime look!
I then move onto my Clinique anti-blemish solutions liquid foundation and use the Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply this all over the face. Hiding imperfections & blemishes is this Foundation's speciality aswell as giving the face an all over look. I won't go into too much detail as you can find more information about this product here.
Next, I contour my face using The Body Shop's bronzer in the shade Warm Glow and to apply this I use the Real Techniques Powder Brush. By sucking in my cheeks I apply this just under my cheekbones and a couple of swipes all over the face.
Remembering that this is a bright summery look, I decide to give the cheeks a splash of colour by using the Sleek blusher in Rose Gold which I apply to my cheekbones.
I found a little tip for those who don't know where their cheekbones are...
 By sucking in the cheeks, grab a makeup brush, use the end of it to roll up starting from your chin and when you find you can't go any further because there's a bone in the way, you've found it!

~ Now with the face complete, I move onto the eyes ~

Before beginning on the eyelids, I apply my MUA Eyebrow Pencil in the shade blonde just to darken up my light eyebrows which makes them more noticeable as I am quite fair.
To start as a base, I use the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in the shade Pink Gold using the Real Techniques Deluxe Crease Brush to apply.
This pinky shade gives a lovely shimmer to the eyes helping me add a summery feel to the look.
  • Using the Sleek Makeup palette 'Oh So Special' I start by applying Shade labelled 1. all over the eyes except the brow bone.
  • I then move onto 2. which I apply along the crease adding a slightly stronger shade of pink.
  • Thirdly, I use shade 3. also along the crease which adds a shimmer to the so far 'matte' look.
  • I then use 4. on the outer corner which helps add to the pinky summer look.
  • Finally, I apply shade 5. along the brow bone to lift the eyebrows up slightly.
I then slide the Maybelline New York Khol Liner in Ultra Noir/Ultra Black three quarters across the top lash line.
And the final stage of the eyes is of course Mascara. As you can see above, I am using the L'Oreal Paris Miss Manga 'Mega Volume' in Black only on the top lashes.
Last but not least, I apply The Body Shop lip butter to moisturize the lips making the lipstick application much easier.
I finally apply The Body Shop lipstick in the shade Colour Crush 130
And here is the final look:

Thank you for reading,
Please let me know in the comments below of your thoughts on this summery look :)
Until next time

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  1. Love this make-up look. I also have the Miss Manga mascara and I absolutely love it! I have tagged you in the Blogger Love Tag so if you want to, I'll leave my link to my post here:

    Tasmin Xx


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