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Hey guys,
A couple of weeks ago I had my Six Form Prom. I loved the idea of dressing up and feeling glam :) . Being with my girls made the night even more special <3 As we arrived to our Prom, there was a red carpet leading into the doorway and I just loved the idea of this! A professional photographer was hired and people were allowed to have their picture taken on the red carpet and I just felt amazing! The food was nice and we were all sat on a round table with whoever we wanted to. I sat with the girls and we had such a laugh :). I honestly want to relive that night as now it means we are entering the big wide scary world and it is such a scary thought, am I even ready for this yet? I don't exactly feel like it..
Throughout the year all I've been thinking is 'I've got to get into University' and that's been my constant thought. Now what's running through my mind constantly is 'what have I got myself into, yeah it seemed good at the time but now...' Tbh I'm a bit upset about it all because it's finally all becoming real and it's such a huge step for me and I'm not sure if I'm even ready, but if I don't push myself, I'll never be ready.
I also can't help but think as to whether it will be the best years of my life as some people say? I don't have any confidence apart from when I'm with people I feel comfortable with. I won't just walk up to someone and introduce myself at all, what if I don't have a good time at all? It all seems too much and too terrifying, you're all probably wondering why I'm going haha, to dance of course! I'm literally so excited for the course and learning new things as it's what I want to do as a future career :) Maybe one day you'll see me in the West End ;)
Anyway, enough of me rambling on, here are all the pictures that were taken on the night!

Group photos at my place

Partner shots with my Slut (Maria) ❤

Me and Brittany ❤

Me and Della ❤

Me and Danielle ❤

Group Selfies!

Me and my Slut ❤

What our Prom looked like!

Pictures taken at our table
Me and Della ❤

Me and Danielle ❤

Me and my Slut ❤ (Maria)


Me and Jess ❤

Table Selfie!

Everyone won an award which I think was a nice idea! I won the award for 'Being the Best Ballerina!' which I was rather pleased about :D

A few awards were given out for lots of different things.
I won the award for the 'Most Likely to be Famous' which I was very shocked and over the moon about! I didn't expect to win an award let alone a nice one like this!
I had a bit of a shocked expression when walking up to receive the award haha I thought 'what's going on?!' ❤  Was so pleased :D ❤

Everyone was also given their own cupcake decorated with the first letter of their first name which was baked by our Head of Six Form! It was deliciousssss ❤

❤ My lush nails ❤

~ My Dress ~

And those were all the photos taken from the night <3
I had a lovely time and wish I could relive the two years without all the work and just the fun ;)
Now it's time to just enjoy summer <3
Thank you for reading :)
Until next time

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