Magical 3 Year Anniversary getaway to Paris


Hello loves,
I have just recently returned from a long weekend break to Paris with Chris which I'm sure most of you will know is my boyfriend. However, what many of you may not know is that we have been together for 3 years! We always somehow celebrate this occasion, for our 1st year anniversary we spent a few days in London where we went for a meal up the Shard, visited the viewing platform and explored. For our 2nd year, we visited Brighton - not for the first time but because we enjoyed the place so much we decided it would be perfect to celebrate the occasion there. 

So therefore this will be one of those mandatory picture posts and me just sharing my experience with you guys!

Eiffel Tower

Of course the Eiffel Tower was visited, we went up there as part of a booking made before going. We also booked a table at 58 for lunch on our final day as what other way to round up a 3 year anniversary trip than eating amazing food with the view of Paris?! We saw the Eiffel Tower almost every day we were there!

When in Paris it would be rude not to purchase macaroons! We bought these whilst up the Eiffel Tower and they are absolutely delicious!

Being Tourists

Hotel Des Invalides

I found the Hotel des Invalides such an interesting place to visit, it is the home of France's Military History, including Napoleon's Tomb which was so surreal to see.


Notre Dame

Notre Dame was such a special, pretty place. All of these places we visited were stunning aswell as incredibly informative, you come away having learnt so much!

But I loved that you were able to light a candle, Chris and I both lit a candle each in memory of our Grandad's. Now I'm no longer in Paris it touches my heart a little to know there is a candle lit in the Notre Dame cathedral for my Grandad. It makes me feel like I've left a little bit of him there in Paris, but meaning because I had done that he travelled with me. If that makes sense? Lol.
(Whoa that got a lil deep didn't it)

Arc De Triomphe

What really makes this picture for me is the people on the left. Look at them having such a good time I'd love to know why they're posing with fists!


Do I even have to explain myself here? I would not visit Paris without taking a trip to Disneyland!
The entire day was magical, I was like a big kid. And Chris has never been to Disney so of course we had to go!!

It was crazy how good the weather was! In fact it was blue skies the whole time we were there which was incredibly lucky!

I even got to see my favourite Disney Princess, Rapunzel from Tangled!

I just had to buy this cutest souvenir as not only is it Mickey and Minnie, but Mickey is holding a mini Eiffel Tower with a French flag on it which makes it that extra special!

Following Dinner at the nicest buffet styled restaurant, we of course watched Disney Illuminations show consisting of Fireworks and a video sing-a-long of the Disney Films projected onto the castle! Highly recommended!


Other than eating at a buffet styled restaurant whilst in Disneyland, when we were in Paris we mainly ate around the Eiffel Tower.

On our first day, we wanted to find a restaurant within view of the Eiffel Tower and after finding a few restaurants and having no luck with reservations, we finally found the perfect place and it was so delicious!

Top fact about Paris; when you eat at a restaurant, do not worry about being filled up!
We ordered Nachos for our starter, chicken for our main and then a chocolate mousse for dessert.
That is all we ordered however, we had two extra meals inbetween them with no extra charge!
For what we ate, it was such good value for money!

We're the kind of couple that, when we go away, like to reserve one evening where we get dressed up and eat somewhere really nice. Especially since we were celebrating our 3 year anniversary.
I personally love getting dolled up and feeling confident about myself, and where better to do so than in Paris?

It also gives us a good opportunity for a photo op!

On our second meal out we didn't bother going back to the hotel to get dressed up as we had done that the night before. After our day of exploring and since my feet were pounding by this point, we decided to just find the nearest restaurant.

 Although we would've eaten anything as we were starving and tired, we still had the most delicious meal. You can never worry about having a bad meal in Paris! It was so nice to have an evening where we got dressed up aswell as something more down to earth. 

I will definitely be returning to Paris, but for now it's time to plan the next place to visit! Have you any recommendations?

Hope you enjoyed lovelys x

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