Weekend in London and destressing with my girl


Hello hunnies,
another catch-up style post coming your way!

Chris and I went away last weekend as he had booked tickets to see Annie aswell as a room at a nearby hotel as part of my Christmas present!

Bought myself a Christmas present as it was in the sale from Michael Kors and I just love it so much and have no regrets! It is beautiful!
I already have a Michael Kors handbag but recently I've been preferring smaller bags with longer straps as they're so much easier to carry and I don't always need a big handbag as I'm not always packing lots of stuff in it!
I thought this one was super cute and told myself I wasn't allowed to get anything else if I bought this - and I didn't!

Before the evening show <3


We shared garlic pizza bread with mozarella and caramelised onions(obviouslyyyyy)

And for main course I had the baked carbonara and chris had a pizza!

I just had a coke in terms of drink because we already brought prosecco with us to have in the room and Chris had pre-arranged a drink package at the theatre so I decided to have a break! I find that if I'm not drinking for a nightout I can sometimes get tired and I obviously didn't want to fall asleep in the theatre!!

Beginning of the show

End of the show
! Soppyness ahead !

Glass of prosecco for me and gin & tonic for Chris!
We also had two mini bottles of wine and a few snacks - all this was part of the package Chris got! Good job I had a break at the restaurant lol!

While on the hunt for a bar on our way back to the hotel we came across the cutest scenery in Soho!

Pornstar martini for me and a beer for Chris!

The next day we headed to Oxford Street where we ate breakfast at Garfunkel's, did some shopping (where I bought nothing!) and ended the day with a cheeky Nandos!
Since chris and I live far apart I then had to suffer a 2 hour 20 minutes journey home back to Kent ready for work the next morning!

I then had the longest week ever and thankfully I had something to look forward to on Friday night - an overdue nightout with my hun from home! We went to school together and since I finished uni we've seen eachother almost once a week!

And that's the end of my catchup, I still have lots more to look forward to!

Happy New Year!
Have you got much planned for the year and any resolutions??

Mine is to be happy and see more of the world!!!!
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