❤️ Goodbye 2015 Lookback! ❤️


Hello my lovelies!

Another year has fled by in a blink and I'm pretty sure I missed it!
However, this year has had its ups and downs, so before we cautiously step through the door to see what 2016 has in store for us, I'm going to look back at the past year and review everything that happened which made it a good year!

I'm pretty sure this selfie was taken on the night I met my other half Chris. After posting it on Instagram I've made sure that I don't delete it so that I can look back to see how long we've known each other for :) I wouldn't regret meeting him for the world ❤️ 

The next event that made 2015 a god year was spending the student night at Grand (which commences once a month) with Chris for the first time. These two selfies make me smile as in the top one he looks high, and in the bottom left, the posing is ridiculous! I love taking selfies with him of us both smiling, but because it was early days and we were only seeing eachother, I let him off, but I make sure he smiles now! (With teeth)

This is definitely something to remember! Our first normal selfie - how much effort it took to have a picture with Chris! The bottom right selfie definitely proved the difficulty, I remember saying 'smile' on repeat until he finally smiled! (Poor guy, but it's now one of my favourite pictures of us!) 

I really enjoyed spending the weekend in London when my parents came up and booked a hotel. We went to watch the Railway Children in the evening, stayed a night in the Premier Inn before a day of shopping the day after. 

Another great night was dressing up as 'chavs' for a student night at Roehampton for 'Bop'. This was such a funny night seeing everyone dressed up in baggy clothes, half drawn eyebrows and acting chavvy!

2015 was the year Valentines Day was something for me to look forward to instead of spending it as just another normal day. We spent the day chilling, made a yummy breakfast that tasted amazing! Watched films, then in the evening went out for our first date at Pizza Express. Every time we talk about that day I always remember me dropping my fork on the floor and going bright red in embarrassment and it always makes us laugh thinking about it!

My chummy took me on my first trip to the Camden market. This was such a lovely day filled with laughter, food (Nutella & banana crepe), fruit smoothie and looking round the stalls finding some lovely items! My first trip to Camden is definitely something to look back on :) 

Meeting Tanya Burr was definitely one of 2015's highlights! I remember not quite believing that I met her or the fact she was right in front of me. She is such a lovely woman, giving up her time to host a book signing for all us crazy fans.

On the 14th April it was Chris's birthday where myself, Chris and his family went to the London Zoo for the big day! I was so excited for his birthday to tell him I'd booked tickets for the London Dungeons!

On the 25th April, I took my boyfriend to the London Dungeons as a birthday present! We both love horror films and being scared so as you can imagine, we were quite excited. We got there for about 3:15 for our time slot before heading to Oxford Street for a spot of shopping. We sealed the day with a lovely meal at Ask Italian. 

Frigby is a College cup event where two teams compete in a football game whilst the other students celebrate the year almost being finished with booze and food. This was my first Frigby event and our team (the Froebel Zeebras) won! After the match we had time to chill (or order pizza like me and the girls did) before getting ready for bop! (A student night held on campus) Everyone was there that I knew making it such a good night celebrating our winning!

To celebrate the year being over and the summer holidays making an appearance, the University held a Summer Ball! This was a day and night long event starting early hours as finishing at 6am the next day. Chris and I made it until the end to be in the 'Survivors photo'! Although it was a tiring day because so many things were going on, there was no other people I would rather have spent it with!

As the Sun finally broke free from the clouds, it was holiday time! The first of my many holidays was a week cruise round the Mediterranean with my mum and dad. It was so lovely to see the strong, hot sun as its not as confident in England! We went to many places; 
Venice, Italy
Athens, Greece
Kusadasi, Turkey
Split, Croatia
The cupcake with a 'Happy Birthday' label was because it was my mum's birthday!

Another big event was my best friend Sammy's birthday! I headed down to Bristol to spend a couple of nights. We spent Saturday shopping (obviously) and for dinner, her dad who is Italian, made homemade food which was amazing! That night we went out to a club to party the night away! I loved Bristol, the shopping centre had all our favourite shops, there was great food and company!

Something I always look for in a man is he has to love rides as much as I do. Do you ever have that one thing a guy/girl must have in order to pass the test of interest? Well that's mine.. And Chris definitely passed! We went on our first date to Thorpe Park and luckily he loves rides just as much as I do! We had such a fun day, I bought a picture taken on Swarm because apparently my face is a 'crazy ride scream'!

2015 was also the year for mine & Chris's first holiday to his grandma's apartment in Palma De Mallorca! This was the perfect first holiday with memories created that we'll never forget! Next time we definitely would love to stay for a bit longer as we had such a lovely time  ❤️

I went on my first girls holiday to Ibiza in August! (Go big or go home!) We went crazy as it was our first holiday together! Such amazing memories and laughs created I will not forget!

This year was also my first birthday spent with Chris and I hadn't been as excited for it since I was a kid! He booked a day at the London Bridge experience followed by the show 'Stomp!'

To round up the summer my family and I went to Florida for two weeks. For the first week, we cruised round the Caribbean and the second, went to the Parks in Disney Land! The Caribbean includes such an amazing platter of islands and animals - it was an amazing experience! 

In November myself, Jen and chummy went to Tyler Oakley's book signing. We got a signed book, a few selfies and a poster! I made sure I kissed his cheek aswell! 

One of the best parts of 2015 was Christmas Day. We spent the day at my house and the following day at Chris's. We gave eachother lovely presents which I am so grateful for! I hadn't been that excited for Christmas since I was a kid!

And that is the end of my 2015 Lookback! I hope you enjoyed this long photo-style post. I understand it's different to a makeup tutorial but I enjoy looking back on the year at the good parts and reflecting on them. 

What was the best part of 2015 for you?


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  1. Aw sounds like you had a fab year, how cool that you got to meet Tanya Burr! Your Christmas Day sounds like it was lovely as well!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I was so happy to have met her, she's a lovely woman and super pretty :) it was lovely thank you, how was your Christmas? ❤️ xx

  2. Sounds like you had such a fab year and so full of fabulous photos!

    Pippa | ballpointsandbiscuits.blogspot.co.uk

    1. It was definitely a lovely year! :) I wonder what 2016 has in store for us all! Xx

  3. You had an eventful year! Mine was going on holiday with my girls and also graduating from Uni :) xx

    Shelise | SHELISES WORLD


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