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Louise Pentland or as some of you may know her as 'Sprinkle Of Glitter' recently brought out a sparkling number 1 in the Times Best Sellers charts confidence boosting book 'Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter'! 
In her book she goes through different stages sharing her tips, tricks & advice within Glitz, Creating, Need To Knows and All About Love. I am going to share with you the affects this novel has had on me without giving too much away hopefully! 

The section that has had the most impact on me & felt I could relate the most to was 'Body Confidence' and 'Comfort Zones' under the 'Need To Knows' section. Here, she advises us on how to look at our bodies with love instead of disgust with her own tips on how to do so. Because I have quite a small body, there have been the odd comments such as 'you're so slim!' and 'you don't have to worry about how your body looks in photos'. As lovely as this may sound to some, we all have our own secret dislikes about our body that we purposely hide away which only we know about. That's why I felt 'LWASOG' (little abbreviation there in case you wondered if my cat had accidentally stepped across the keyboard) helped boost my confidence in 'Body Confidence' by reminding me that I am not alone, whatever body type you have, we all have our own insecurities because we see our bodies everyday. I suppose it could be the mind's way of being bored and trying to give us something to keep us busy. Nobody is perfect but every body type is unique and Louise gives us advice on how to make us realise that. 
I also scare myself with the thought of leaving my comfort zones & with Louise's own stories of how this has happened to her, I finally felt I could relate to someone and as though we were having a proper conversation about the topic. In this trinket she also gives us tips & ways to deal with these situations and has once again left me with not feeling alone anymore.

One of the best things about this novel is you don't have to read it from start to finish. The contents page allows you to skip forward/backwards to any part of the book and float along in whatever order you wish suggesting a chilled, chatty laid back vibe.

Another favourable feature of Louise's style of writing is although she talks about the not so positive parts of our lives (body confidence for example) she will add snippets of her life experiences encouraging light-hearted vibe to the theme which I enjoyed. 

Quote used from 'Life With A Sprinkle Of Glitter' • Image taken by moi 

Although sadness kicked in when I realised I had finished reading such a great book.. I learnt some great tips & the fact Louise uses her own experiences really helped as I finally felt I could relate to someone else as the feeling of loneliness left my bubble of thoughts. 

I hope you enjoyed this review and realise that this book is worth the money. If you want my advice.. I'd say buy it off Amazon as it only costs £4.99. Here's the link: 

This is one of my first book reviews and I hope I didn't give too much away from the book! Thankyou for reading :)

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