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Hey guys,
In my last post I promised I'd let you know how my time at Uni is going and I thought as it's been a while since I've written a post as I've just finished my first very busy term!

Before I went to University, the thing I struggled with the most, was meeting new people as I was always so useless at it! Finding something to talk about along with finding other interesting topics in order to keep the conversation flowing, I was just terrible!

However, since starting University, I've found my confidence rise a bit and found I can talk to people a bit more comfortably now without worrying about what to say with an awkward atmosphere hanging in the air around us.

I've met so many new people whom I've got to know and are all lovely. I think the fact that everyone was so determined to make friends in order to avoid sitting in their rooms all the time helped everyone out a little bit.

The first day I got there was awful. Both me and my parents were in tears as this was all such a big step for me to take, I couldn't believe what I was doing to be honest and just wanted to go home where I felt most comfortable. The hardest part, apart from saying goodbye to my parents, was putting on a confident front in order to make as many friends as I could as the last thing I wanted was to be sitting in my room in fear of stepping outside.

Putting on this confident front helped me alot as I became immediate friends with my flatmates first as we're all living together and the last thing I would've wanted is to have an enemy with somebody I'm living with! They're all so lovely though and make me smile so what more could I ask for? :)

Then there was obviously my course friends who are all lovely aswell it shocked me to find everyone being so nice!

The first 2 weeks, including freshers, I didn't think about home one bit. However, the last couple of weeks of the term I began to feel stressed due to lots of work needing to be in all at the same time, this then led to being homesick and I phoned my mum more often for her comfort. I am now home for Christmas and missing my friends but making the most of being at home for 3 weeks as I missed it so much before going back for my second term!

Me and one of my course friends

Flatmates :)

From the flat next door :)

Me and one of my flatmates :)

Me and one of my course friend with her flatmate

This picture makes me laugh :L

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed,

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