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Hello fellow bloggers/viewers!
Today I am writing the third (in this case my second) 2014 Blogger Challenge post! 
I apologize for missing out the second theme. My reasons for this was because the theme was Skincare, but I had already written a recent post about it in which you can find here, and seeing as I haven't changed my routine I didn't feel the need to inform you about it again. Also,  I've been so involved with University applications lately along with stress of upcoming exams, I am actually not allowed to relax just yet either haha.

Anyway, back onto the topic, this week we have to write a book review and I have decided to review ...

'Beautiful Creatures'!
I read this quite a while ago and didn't get round to finishing it because as soon as school started, due to the fact I take English A Level we've had to revise certain books therefore making me leave my lovely book in which I was really enjoying.

I decided to purchase this book because the film was advertised on T.V and I kept on about wanting to see it to my mum but she didn't really want to watch it herself, so I waited and decided I would buy the DVD once it eventually came out. But once I came across it in book form I couldn't resist! I had to buy it! 

I love it

It's a love story but leads up to Lena's destiny which is spoken about all the way through and the main tragic event of the book. I do indeed have the DVD aswell and noticed some differences between the novel and film but I won't spoil it because I want you to read it/watch it yourself!

It is my sort of book because I do like love stories but I have to have something else going on aswell that could destroy the relationship just because it makes the story much more interesting and therefore clings my eyes to the book, but that's just me hehe.

It's not in the category of books that kind of run out of things to say and therefore you're reading the characters just walking along a road for half an hour. The story keeps going and with the help of different events happening at each moment, it enables the reader to keep reading and you find the wiliness to read on with the want to find out what happens next.

Due to the fact I have now finished reading/watching this, I am going to start reading the follow up story called 'Beautiful Darkness' when I have a spare moment and I can't wait!
Until next time
See you later alligators

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