August favourites!


Hey guys!
Omg it's been ages since I've spoken to you!! How's everyone been? I'm so sorry I haven't done a post since July, I have been so busy with summer (It was my birthday aswell hehe)!! I will do a separate blog about my summer as for now, I am letting you know what I have been loving this month and why!!
Okay I am going to start with the top of my list of favourites, and that is...........

 Where do I start.... this make-up is just amazing! I've never used anything quite like it!
1. It's all powder so you don't feel like you're clogging your pores up when using it.
2. You don't feel like you have any make-up on!
3. The brushes are so soft I love them!
4. The primer really works, my make-up stays on all day, especially in this heat!
5. I feel it's more for people who have acne. The reason being is because once applied, all the redness has disappeared!
6. You don't even need that much on, just tap some out onto the lid, swirl the brush round, tap all the excess off then buff!
7. Because it's powder, it looks so natural on the skin which is great!
I use this every day and I absolutely love it! I only got it towards the end of august and it's already my favourite! I highly recommend it!
This is my face after I applied the BareMinerals products.

Next on my little list is...........

The MAC face and body foundation!
1. What I love about this foundation is that it's so light your face doesn't even feel clogged up!
2. After quite a few uses, my face has started to look better and my spots started to clear up which is impressive!
3. You only need a tiny bit, don't go too overboard because you don't want it to look caked on!!
I don't tend to wear this everyday, only for evenings and going out.
Next up! Is...........
The Elemis moisturiser cream
1. It smells so good, it's got a lavender extract so it smells amazing! I don't know how to smell helps but just thought I'd let you know...
2. When I went to the spa, the lady used this product on my face and highly recommended it as lavender is supposedly healing.
3. I use this after I cleanse my face with the same product and it smoothens my face out so much and feels so nice on my skin!
4. You only need a pea size amount to cover the whole face.
5. I put this on just before I apply my make-up. I once tried applying my make-up without using this beforehand and it didn't look as good!
Last but not least is.........
The Simple eye make-up remover!
1. For some strange reason, a few months ago my eyelid went crusty and I just couldn't figure out why, I kept changing make-up removers to see what would happen and BANG.. I finally found one!! Ever since this, my eyelid hasn't gone crusty or red! What bought me to bringing this to the till and spending money was that it says 'kind to eyes' so I thought, let's find out if it liessssssss..... It doesn't!:D
2.  For best results, pour a tiny amount onto a cotton pad and hold it to the eye for a couple of seconds. Then you'll find your make-up comes off alot easier!
Well thank you for reading you have been an amazing audience thank you I will take a bow
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Thank youuuuuuuuuu and goodnight/morning/afternoon

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